An Introduction

Boop! My name is Sam, and I’m a terrible conversationalist.

As a short girl, I tend to be able to get away with the childish acts of booping friends’ noses and making faces instead of an actual greeting. But in the rare event someone tries to converse with me, I tend to shut it down with one word answers and general awkwardness.

It’s not that I don’t want to communicate with people; I’m just terrible at getting my thoughts from my brain to my mouth in a socially acceptable amount of time. However, I’ve been fairly decent at writing throughout my life. So I decided to create this place to get those thoughts out.

As for who I am as a person… I’m a young adult who’s trying to figure myself out. I’m not especially talented or interesting or attractive. I make music, take pictures, play video games, read, and write. I’m just an average human with multiple interests and a lot of thoughts to sort through.

I want to be better at connecting to people. I tend to come off as disinterested and occasionally intimidating, but I’m actually a big fan of almost everyone I meet. In my mind, most people are way out of my league; I don’t know why they’d want to deal with an awkward, mostly-quiet-sometimes-rambling loser like me…

But if you do feel like reading my rambling and getting in the head of this average introvert, keep an eye out. There’s a lot to come.

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