Most, if not every, transition I’ve been through in my teenage and adult life has been lateral. From living in a small room in my parents’ house and driving 30 minutes to work 6 days a week, to living in a different cabin every week while I worked at summer camp, to returning to my parents’ place and getting a new job an hour away, to moving in with a friend and cutting my commute down to 45 minutes on the best days… there’s never been a change particularly better or worse than where I was before.

I’ve always lived in the middle of nowhere. I’ve grown up so used to being in the car for an hour before getting to any sort of actual civilization; I was so excited when I first moved somewhere that was 10 minutes away from a grocery store instead of 20 minutes away. The middle eastern shore of Maryland sucks. 

I’ve spent the last decade or so in my own room in somebody else’s house. That’s not a bad thing; I always had the freedom to decorate my room however I want and come and go as I please. However, I never really had a say in anything past that room. Now, I no longer have my own room; but I do have my own place. It’s an odd change to go from one room by yourself to equally sharing an entire apartment with two other people.

It’s also weird to suddenly be 2-15 minutes away from pretty much everything. I’ve gone from a bare minimum of 5 minutes to a gas station or grocery store to having pretty much everything I need within 3 miles. Including Chick-fil-a. And work.

There are ups and downs to being so close to work, but so far it’s been much better than my previous circumstances. I’m learning how to sleep in and take naps, but still be twice as productive than when I was commuting 1.5-2 hours a day. I have time to figure out how to be myself again and actually spend time with friends occasionally. Eventually, I’ll start cooking more and hopefully slow down on my Chick-fil-a habit. I’ve already doubled my journal entries from last year and managed to both be more productive and get more rest since moving in to this apartment.

Most of the transitions in my adult life have been lateral; but I think with this one, I’m finally moving upwards.

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