Writer’s Block

Day 11. I’ve successfully written something every day this year with relative ease. Until today.

I could have just gone with another journal entry, but I didn’t do anything worth writing about today. I wanted to blog anyway; I’ve had a flood of ideas running through my head for a while now. However, that flood seems to have faded into a slight drip.

So here I am, forcing thoughts into words. Or forcing words into thoughts? I suppose it goes both ways.

Sometimes I fool myself into thinking I’m good at writing. I fool myself into thinking it comes so naturally all the time. Then writer’s block hits me like an angry toddler with the strength of Andre the Giant. Usually I put away the pen and paper or shut off my laptop and go do something else to wait it out. But I promised myself I’d be better and push harder and stop making stupid excuses this year.

So here I am, writing. Even though I’m not saying much of anything.


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