Behind The Song: The Storm

Life is but a vicious cycle

Breaking people and letting them break you

They say we crave human connection

But I think we’re just addicted to abuse

So do your best to try to break me down

I doubt you can get me any lower than I’ve brought myself

I had recently turned 18.

I was confused, depressed, and pissed off. I was dealing with letting go of a bad friendship and it hurt. I was losing my faith in everything. It kept me awake for far too many nights.

One such night, this song came tearing through my brain like a tornado. I tried to ignore it; but before I knew it, I had half of it written down.

Drown me in the waves of your anger

While I bring down the rain of my furious words

Maybe in the morning when we wake up

We’ll forget it and just undo the hurt

It’s the eye of the storm

The first verse and the chorus were images of the way I saw relationships. Friends and lovers alike, all of the good feelings were lies. The only reality was the pain that came after all those lies.

Life is a storm of epic proportions

Wind and waves, trials and tears

They tell us to put on a brave face

Don’t worry, just internalize your fear

So do your best to try to feel better

When deep inside you know you’re just getting worse

The second verse was written a few days after the first half. In this part, I wanted to focus more on the troubles of the individual.

Personally, my life at that point in time looked great from the outside. I had a good job, not many bills, and I had more of a social life than I had in high school. But internally, I felt like I was going crazy. I thought everyone hated me; I definitely hated myself.

Winds rage, hearts break

There’s no end to this condition

Broken dreams, misplaced memories

Where do we go from here?

We fight, we die

No one survives

This storm we call life

The conclusion is pretty straightforward: “Life sucks, then you die.”

I’ve always been a cynical person, but that point in my life was one of the most pessimistic. Out of the songs I’ve written, The Storm is still one of my favorites. Even though it’s an incredibly depressing view of the world, there’s always going to be some truth to it. Every life has storms, but storms eventually turn into better days.

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