Pick Theory

It’s common knowledge that guitar picks are the easiest thing to lose. You can start out with an entire pocket full, then suddenly they’re all gone. Eventually some of them turn up, but it’s almost guaranteed that there will always be at least one or two that will never be seen again.

Unless you’re me.

I’ve been playing guitar for 7 years and I’ve never had to buy a single pick. My brother gave me one or two of his picks when I first started playing, and more just started to appear. The early days were mostly a case of doing more laundry than my brother and stealing all of the picks that showed up in the dryer. My guitar teacher’s also handed me a few of them off his band’s merch table over the years. But eventually, people just started giving me picks that showed up out of nowhere.

It started out pretty simple; a few friends who don’t play guitar would somehow find a couple picks around their houses and would give them to me. An abandoned pick would appear in church or a car or somewhere else I just happened to be and would end up in my pocket.

That’s when I came up with a theory… I am the void where lost guitar picks end up.

I became the music leader at a summer camp. A pick or two would occasionally be found around camp and get handed off to me, nothing too unusual. Except for the time when a couple of campers came across an entire handful of picks out of nowhere. They weren’t mine, but none of my coworkers claimed them, so I ended up with those as well.

It did quiet down a lot after that. The last instance of this theory happening took place last year. I stopped in at my brother’s place for a bit; before I left, he picked something off of his desk and said, “I found this on my bedroom floor, I think you left it here last time.”

It was a pick with the logo from the company I work for on it… I had never seen it before.

*Insert dramatic pause here*

Eventually, I did get answers about that last one (it’s a small world), but I still think my theory is pretty accurate. Summoning guitar picks is a pretty useless involuntary superpower, but I’m not complaining.

However, I apologize to all you poor souls who keep accidentally donating to my pick collection. Maybe next time you can’t find your favorite pick, ask me if I’ve seen it anywhere. Even though I probably just jinxed myself with this blog post.

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