Life Updates or Excuses?

Oh hey, I’m not actually dead! I definitely butchered the I’m-gonna-blog-every-week thing, though.


This month has definitely been the busiest one of the year so far, so I’m trying not to get too mad at myself for slipping up on the blog. Miraculously, I’ve still managed to keep up with writing something every day, even if it is only a sentence in a journal or one line in a lyric. I’m trying my hardest to not turn this writing thing into a chore; if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s turning everything I do into some form of work.

But enough about my lack of writing. Here’s a list of a few things that have happened in the past month or so that have assisted my absence on this website…

  1. I’m suddenly doing music stuff with other people! Which is a blast, but time consuming. Band practice twice a week eats up at least six hours; that’s not including practicing on my own or Friday night jam sessions. But it’s fantastic and worth every second.
  2. I’m not being a recluse! I think I’ve gone out more in the past month than in the year prior. It’s finally getting to be nice outside, so I’m enjoying being in civilization for the first time in my life. Walking is great, yo.
  3. I bought a motorcycle! Coordinating that kinda stuff eats up a surprising amount of time.
  4. I’m learning how to rest! I’ve taken more naps this year than the previous 15 years. Sleep is awesome.

Also, I’m eternally busy with work, but I guess that’s just another part of adulting.

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