Love and Tacos

If I didn’t live it, I’d look at the story of how my boyfriend and I got together and think, “Geez, that’s a bunch of rom-com bullshit.”

Who am I kidding? I still think that anyway.

We officially met at work. Before that, we ran into each other at a few concerts; we recognized each other, but we’d never actually talked. Being two of the most awkward introverts ever, my first week of working down the line from him consisted of shy glances and zero words spoken. He broke the silence my second week there, and eventually we got to be friends.

I had a major crush on him for months before we ran into each other at yet another concert. That was the first time we’d seen each other outside of work, and it became the catalyst for the next phase of our relationship. We started talking a lot more that month; it was so obvious to everyone else, but we were still too awkward to accept the fact we were into each other.

And then I let slip that I had accidentally gotten myself into the awkward position of going to prom at a high school I’d never stepped foot in before, with a dude I barely knew (don’t ask; this is where the rom-com comes in). Not only did my then-crush agree to play fake boyfriend in case things got too weird and I needed an out, he also decided he was going to drive a 175 mile round trip to bring me tacos as a pick-me-up the next day.

He was originally going to turn around and go home after delivering the tacos to me (and creepily staring at me as I devoured them), but I convinced him to stay for the better part of the day. We were both way too stubborn to admit that this was definitely a date and we were totally a thing.

After a few more weeks and both of us getting nudges from our mutual friends, we finally accepted the fact that we only had eyes for each other and made it official. A few days later, he once again drove that 3 hour round trip to bring me tacos, on a work night, just because.

Today, we’ve been together for 2 years; lived together for nearly 1/4 of that time; and we’re still as in love, clingy, and awkward as ever. So… huzzah for cringey love stories?

I guess the moral of that story is: “Give a girl some tacos, she’ll eat for a day and put up with your shit for years to come.”

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