Some days it feels like I'm floating. It's almost like I'm a ghost, but my body is still there; I'm still in control of my body, but it feels like I'm drifting along behind myself like a kite. It's pretty trippy. I noticed it happening a lot last year; maybe it's from a lack of … Continue reading Floating


As the year comes to a close, I thought I'd be a basic bitch and blog about 2018 and everything I've done and accomplished... then I realized this year is mostly just one big void of exhaustion and hazy memories. If I think hard, I can remember flashes of concerts I went to and good … Continue reading 2018


I was born and raised in one house. I had 3 different bedrooms in that house over the years; watched half the house get torn apart and remodeled; buried a few pets in the backyard. We had birthday parties and Christmas parties, and maybe even a Halloween party and a New Years party or two. … Continue reading Home